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IP CCTV Security System Provider in Kerala

Are you looking for a professional IP CCTV security system With IP cameras as a part of your security solution?
We JDS Solutions security systems can help you with implementation of best IP CCTV security system in Kerala helping you to monitor your premise using security camera solution
We are one of the leading CCTV supplier in Kerala . Being well known to be a professional company among the security system companies in Kerala , Our systems related to security solutions have been implemented in many critical areas of Kerala.

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As a well placed IP CCTV contractor known to be leader in the the list of CCTV companies in Kerala, We are pioneers as an installer of world class IP CCTV system with outstanding technical support. We can give you both sales and pre sales support as a reliable supplier of IP CCTV camera video surveillance system installation and integration.

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Our Specialties in terms of IP CCTV Security System:

  • Extensive Experience in Designing a Proper IP CCTV Security System
  • Consultancy Service for CCTV installations
  • Professional installation of the CCTV system
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Working with Global Vendors
  • Certified Engineers

How a professional IP CCTV system works?

An IP CCTV system comprises of mainly a security camera ,recording devices , managing software , networking components.
CCTV camera monitor and captures videos from your premises at all the time. As there are a lot of intelligent technologies available in the market , which will enable to provide detailed video footage using very high resolution mega pixel cameras.
Recording devices with the help of video management software record each video footage captured with the CCTV camera. Video storage devices record the footages according to the parameters defined in the VMS software.
Networking components act as data transfer connectivity pathways.

How we are distinct in providing world class security system in Kerala?

We are pioneered as an IP CCTV surveillance Camera System integrator, installer, supplier in the state of kerala for advanced level of Security Camera Projects. Our skilled, trained and certified engineers are able to develop creative and smart IP CCTV solutions to every client in a tailor made solution that best fits the client demands. Our team of professionals have installed very high tech surveillance in some of the highest security zones with 100% success rate, working with partnered vendors and companies in creating customized IP CCTV solutions with very sophisticated devices and systems in creating a perfect user experience with international standard security levels.

We make solutions which are reliable, efficient and makes your buildings, malls, offices, companies a highly secured and safe place with a completely automated IP camera monitoring surveillance system.

Our professional CCTV surveyor engineers are able to survey for the CCTV systems and analyse the case of every client and with a clear understanding of the problems faced by the current system in place, with a complete understanding of the client’s security monitoring camera requirements, we draws up the best solutions. These drafts are subjected to various security threats, entry and exit of personals, the surveillance security camera needs of every client and other factors affecting level of security for the organizations.


We at JDS Solutions kerala provide specific AMC, annual maintance contract for the CCTV System installed. This contracts help the clients to be in line and maintain a high quality Surveillance solutions with utmost care. Our around the clock support service, periodic maintenance has its own team of engineers who are trusted to deliver a support with “no down time” to all the clients covered by our AMC agreement.

JDS Solutions as a Leader Among the List of CCTV companies in Kerala

We have strong partnerships with many world class vendors for IP CCTV products. Such strong relations makes us to come with latest innovative technologies from the globe. Thus making us as leader in the market and one of the top name among the list of CCTV companies in Kerala.


The role played by surveillance camera in recent past has been immense with the rise in global threats, some governments in many countries have made CCTV mandatory at the working premises. The companies not only require surveillance to safeguard their assets but use it as evidence that can be presented at courts of law. This has pushed the limits of the technology involved in the design and techniques of video surveillance.

System Integration with other system

Our IP CCTV surveillance can be integrated with other systems in creating a strong, unique and centralized CCTV solution. Surveillance systems are often integrated with access control systems that can be designed and installed in a technique that it works on its own. IP based CCTV system integration helps in a centralized system that could be both controlled and monitored from various locations in a single premises or to connect many locations across the country that are in remote locations. The monitoring of premises in a variety of locations can be setup at the head office with a greater control of operations


CCTV was primarily an analogue signal based system, a system that faced a lot of limitation in meeting the modern security requirements and ISO Standards. The Analog based CCTV system is a “one-way” communication system that transmits signals as voltage signals. Some of the limitation are, Low picture quality, limitation to integrate with other systems, non-flexibility in using the current networks and requires a complex cablings and infrastructure. On the other hand, IP CCTV system uses digital packet data transmission of videos, CCTV system has become more advanced in recent past and it had increased its popularity in the security surveillance market. IP CCTV system enabled people to use current and same network which they used for other systems.
Most advanced integration with other system with the likes of access control, alarm system, building management systems and so on, with the introduction of video management software(VMS) in the surveillance security industry, it has helped to get a lot of analytics features in CCTV security system. Using high mega pixel cameras in CCTV system made forensic investigation much easier and advanced. Market witnessed production of many high resolution cameras which use low bandwidth. When VMS companies started working with advanced video compression algorithms like H.264 and H.265, High resolution Video security cameras have become feasible for the security industry. These things reduced cost of network infrastructure and the cost of storage space, thereby ensuring that everyone can own an advanced and useful system. Although currently majority of the market share is analogue CCTV system, IP based network CCTV systems are expected to take over in the near future.

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